10K Award Program

ERA Martin & Associates Presents the 10K Award Program!

The innovative Plan that Sells Homes Quickly

If you’re ready to sell your home, or planning to move soon, put the innovative and highly successful 10k Award Program to work for you. Then rest assured, your home will be shown often and soon. The exposure to more buyers and their agents helps you to sell your home quickly and at a better price.

The Plan

The idea behind this program’s outstanding success is simple, yet brilliant. Give all of the South Central Ohio area real estate agents a compelling reason to show and sell specific homes. Their incentive is an excellent chance to win $10,000.

How it Works

The cost for homeowners to participate in the 10K Award Program is small in relation to the substantial benefit they receive. Sellers agree to pay ERA Martin & Associates $250 at their home’s closing, in addition to the regular commission. This fee goes into a holding account. After 48 residential listings in the 10K program are sold and closed, a drawing is held to award $10,000 of the accumulated funds to an eligible agent.

Any agent who sells at least one of the 48 participating 10K listings is eligible to win the $10,000. By selling more than one 10K listing for any single drawing, agents substantially increase their odds of winning. One winning associate – who sold three 10K listings with another ERA company that participates in the 10K Program said “I am totally sold and totally support this program.” He continues with, “I go out of my way to show a 10K home!”

Gain the Advantage

The 10K Award Program gives sellers a significant marketing advantage. This program has shown the homeowners are receiving top dollar for their homes and in the shortest amount of time.

To sell your home through the 10K Award Program, consult an ERA Martin & Associates Real Estate Agent today!

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